PE manger. - 基岩资本

  阁下如有意进行私募投资基金投资且满足《私募投资基金募集行为管理办法》关于“合规投资者”标准之规定,即具备相应风险识别能力和风险承担能力,投资于单只私募基金的金额不低于100 万元,且个人金融类资产不低于300万元或者最近三年个人年均收入不低于50万元人民币。请阁下详细阅读本提示,并注册成为基岩资本特定的合规投资者,方可获得基岩资本私募投资基金产品宣传推介服务。
PE manger.

The Oriental Value Series Fund of Cornerstone Capital directly invests on US stocks and Chinese stocks through QDII. Cornerstone Capital has coached these companies for more than 2 years before listed and has a great understanding of the current operation and future development. It also provides strong support these companies’ merger and reorganization operation with strong project resources. As one of a few private equities in China which has invested in US stocks, The Oriental Value Series Fund is competitive.

The operation team of Cornerstone Capital is constituted by three major elements, including Investment Committee, Fund Management Department, Cornerstone Research Institute. The Investment Committee is the supreme leading organization of Cornerstone Capital. Management Department One takes charge of the primary market and a semi-market, Management Department Two focuses on the secondary market. Both of them constitutes of Fund Management Department. The Cornerstone Research Institute is the exclusive think tank of Cornerstone Capital, which will do targeted research on different industry and provide data analysis support for the Investment Committee and Fund Management Department.

Cornerstone Capital has paid close attention to the early stages of the development of a company, which will also provide support and help to the company as their financial consultant. It will participate in the company's management and track its development. As a professional investment organization, the investment strategy of Cornerstone Capital is to identify whether it will be a rapid-growth industry, such as Consumer Escalation, Internet, Pan Amusement, Biomedicine, Environmental Protection, Media and Communication Industries. It will screen the high quality companies and help them to be listed in American stock market. Cornerstone has worked in Wall Street for many years, which is known as the investor of China outstanding companies in the global platform. In 2017, Cornerstone Capital as an investor had helped four companies listed in NASDAQ market. To these companies, Cornerstone not only is a guarantee for the current situation and future development of the company, but will also inspire confidence for the market.